Thursday, 8 April 2010


Another approach to internet dating is to get rid of the computer.

Several of my friends are inveterate match makers. They look for ideal partners to pair up. This gives them satisfaction, and (apparently) some sort of meaning in life. I can exploit this for profit, right?

We've all seen "Hot Or Not". Why not have a dating site where you get to see the classified ads of one guy and three (random) gals, or one lady and three (arbirary) lads, and get to say "I think the best bet for this bloke or the wisest way for this woman is this one of the three". You could also say "Actually, I think these two are ideally matched"

And then you get to see

"Did I think the same as the rest of the crowd"?

and possibly, in the future, if that the guy writes to your choice of girl, you get points... and can ascend though a series of lables which mark out how good a match maker you are.

Meanwhile, the daters are using a dating website like normal. They see the ususal set of potential matches. But the matches are ordered, not by an algorithm based on a form they filled in (or their star sign and place of birth), but my what the people who are making the matching decisions suggest. You don't get matched by a soulless computer, but by people (and people have had centuries of evolution to get the art of matchmaking right. They probably know what they are doing)

And the final benefit of this idea? it could well go viral. Free advertising for your dating site. Which is what you need to draw people in.

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