Monday, 5 April 2010

The allergy assistor

I am gluten intolerant. Which can make shopping a pain. I have to check the ingredients on all sorts of things to see if I can eat them. And even then, I'm not sure, without a 'gluten free' symbol, I'm still taking my life in my own two hands.

And I'm quite hip to all this. I know what I'm doing. There must be scores of people with fool allergies and intolerance's who don't know what to look out for, or what has passed tests.

So I propose a mobile phone app. One for the iPhone. One for Android. We can talk about Windows phone 7 or whatever they're calling it later.

The app would allow you to enter your intolerance.

It would allow you to scan bar codes of products and see if you can eat them (given your previously input intolerance's)

It would keep a user submitted wiki (photograph the ingredients, submit reports by phone) so that new products could be kept up to date in our database

We could also buy into some of the online allergy food directories. I know Coeliac UK offer one to their members, perhaps there is a way to license that.

And, if you could simply search by name, brand or product type, that would be very handy too.

Maybe the app could suggest alternatives to items you are allergic to (could you buy them online through it? is that an alternative to charging for the app?)

Maybe the app could also let you know if you're near a known good allergy-aware restaurant.

Moreover, this app is an itch that I actually have to scratch (damn gluten-intolerance-related psoriasis) so its something I would really quite like to work on.

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