Monday, 24 May 2010

Incredible Machines

It has become a running joke between me and my friends that satellites read my mind, and then distribute my ideas to other people (who make money out of them). I don't believe this (although the whole point of this website was to rip apart the satellite mind reader's monopoly on my ideas... also, possibly I should later write an article on the idea I have for selling peoples ideas via a satellite network...)

The first idea I remember having, which I quickly saw someone else creating, was for a computer game. My idea was that yo0u controlled a cartoon cat who had to maneuver items around a levels and ladders type screen to construct a Heath Robinson style machine to trap a cartoon mouse. This was back in the days of Tetris and similar puzzle games, you understand.

Not long after, I started seeing adverts for "The Incredible Machine", not quite the same idea, but similar enough - and different enough from existing games - to be a shock. At a still very young age I was having ideas in a similar league to professionals. (Of course - I now know that no professionals have ideas and better than those of a fifteen year old kid - but at the time it was a learning experience)

So, that is my story... except

Heath Robinson machines keep coming back. We've had Honda adverts with car parts rolling across our TV screens and winning awards. People like the Heath Robinson.

And we have graphic cards which render 3D scenes that look better than reality (actually, this is a lie - except for in football games. I now notice that football on TV looks significantly less good than in computer games). And we have physics engines.

Its time for the incredible machine to return. In 3D.

Or - if not the incredible machine - why not a similar 3D game about a cat trying to catch a mouse?

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