Monday, 15 March 2010

Act Now

I have many ideas. Some of my ideas are good, could change the world, possibly make me a million. Others are poor, or require skills and contacts outside of my capabilities.

But I never seem to act on my ideas. Maybe I share them with friends, or maybe they stay locked up in my head, just waiting for the day when I will be able to turn them instantly into a fully realised whole.

And, as that day never comes, the ideas are never realised.

The ideas in my head stay unused. They are not valuable ideas. Aside from the small amount of entertainment they provide me with they are worthless.

Pick A Possibility is an idea I had recently. It is an idea sanctuary. A place where I can put my ideas in public. A place where I can share them, make them available for anyone to read, and use, and be inspired by.

And so, the first idea I wish to share is just this: If you don't act on an idea quickly - and you don't keep acting on it - the idea isn't an idea which, on its own, is going to be worth anything to you. So don't hoard it - share it - create your own idea sanctuary... and hopefully in time we can start an idea breading programme.

All the ideas I offer in Pick A Possibility are free for the taking. Do with them what you will. My ideas are probably not unique. If you benefit from them, I would love to hear about it. If you want to discuss them, please contact me: I want to hear your ideas too.

And if you want to criticise my ideas, go ahead... but it isn't worthwhile. I'm not likely to put any of these ideas into practise, and in my experience it is always the ideas that make me think "that'll never work" which turn out to be the most powerful, once you get around one small sticking point.

The possibility is the thing. Pick a posisbility.

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